reading eggs

Before I ever began to consider homeschooling I found myself in conversations with other homeschool moms asking how in the world they taught the older kids with little ones running around. It baffled me. Having 5 kids within 6 years I couldn't imagine how this would be possible. "But what do they do?" I would … Continue Reading

spa and tea party: kate turns 11

Kate turned 11 in June…and I never shared the photos!!! Life got busy and I never came back around to it. But better late than never I suppose…especially since this party was so girly and cute! We love to wake the kids up with breakfast in bed on their birthdays. The other kids help to … Continue Reading

first day of school and our 2017-2018 plan

Our literal first day of school this year was at Disneyland! We spent the morning working hard on our books and then as we finished up lunch I told the kids that we had one thing left to do. It was time for family P.E. and that they had to wear a special hat for … Continue Reading