dark chocolate date cookies

If you’ve been following along in my 12 week fitness plan this was the recipe in last weeks email! I’ve made them at least once a month for about a year now. We get our dates from costco and they come in a huge tub and are already pre-pitted. I use my magic bullet to … Continue Reading

introduction: fit for a purpose

Meg Marie Fitness : “Fit For A Purpose”     a bit of my personal story: From the time I was a little girl, exercise and outdoor activities have always been a part of my life. I can remember being only 5-6 years old going on long bike rides as a family while my dad … Continue Reading

why water is better than mascara

Mascara can do wonders for an exhausted, overworked momma…..but water…water can do more than brighten the eyes… a word about dehydration Friends. Moms. Women….here’s a question for you: do you find yourself often struggling with confusion, headaches, loss of strength, fatigue, and loss of ability to focus?! If yes, then please keep reading…especially if you’re … Continue Reading