Monterey Hotel and real life

This past weekend Matt and I got to get away together. His mom flew out to help watch three of the kids and two of them went to my brother and sister-in-law’s house. We love that they are willing to help us out and all of the kids had a great time. Even though I’m … Continue Reading

When Life Hurts

A small town church, filled with families…with Bibles in hand, voices raised in unison, praying corporately in pews, in worship together on a calm, quiet, routine Sunday morning… A holy setting absolutely shattered as a barrage of bullets rang out. Shots and screams filled the solemn sanctuary. The calm and peace replaced with chaos, shock … Continue Reading

why reading comprehension (and tostadas) is critical for life

I read this “selection” to my first grader this morning: See the tree. The tree is a home. What can live in the house? See what lives here. It is for a raccoon. Raccoons can live in trees. The raccoon can go in. It can go out to get food. It gets corn and fish … Continue Reading