why we began homeschooling

Last year was our first year of homeschooling. I really didn’t talk too much about it as the year went on, mainly because I was trying to keep my head above water and it wasn’t going well at all…but I managed to write one post about half way through to give an update after we … Continue Reading

Vegas 2017

Ya know…this blog is has a number of difference facets to it…on one hand it’s a place where I can open up and share thoughts, it’s a place where I can tell stories, it’s a space where I can serve others and come alongside people who have questions, it’s a corner where I can talk … Continue Reading

what “marriage is work” really means

When Matt and I were engaged I absolutely hated the idea that marriage would be “work”. Work had such a negative connotation with it and it totally made me itchy (that’s just my word for uncomfortable) to think about one another in that way. We were SO in love, right? Then this thing called life … Continue Reading