24 things you didn’t know about us

This is the week I would normally be posting some cute gift idea for you moms to make for your kids to spoil them rotten for V-day, but seeing as I haven’t even thought about getting around to that yet (and so the list begins for my mom fails)…I decided to share with you some fun … Continue Reading

facing my giants in scottsdale, az

When I was little I used to wear my coat in every new situation and not take it off until I felt comfortable. On the first day of school, every single year, I would get sick and throw up from the nerves of starting over again and having to meet new people. Every time we … Continue Reading

why reading comprehension (and tostadas) is critical for life

I read this “selection” to my first grader this morning: See the tree. The tree is a home. What can live in the house? See what lives here. It is for a raccoon. Raccoons can live in trees. The raccoon can go in. It can go out to get food. It gets corn and fish … Continue Reading