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Hi friend,

Opening up my life through this little space is intimidating, yet thrilling all at the same time. This small corner of the internet is a creative outlet for me–a sort of ongoing storybook of our lives–a place where I get to write about things I love like my kiddos, clothes, hair styles, yummy things to eat, and ways to work out.

But I don’t want it to end there.

If I had an afternoon to spend with you over coffee I would for sure enjoy small chit chat about pretty stuff and all things girly. You bet I’d be asking about that new mascara you told me you’re using, the ab workout you swear by, or how you managed to fix your hair with that toddler on your lap.

But I’d also want to ask how you’re really doing too.

I truly believe that if you want a friend, you have to be one first. So, this is also a place where I let the vulnerable parts come through too; the struggles, failures, shortcomings, and weaknesses…the parts that are so tempting to hide…because vulnerability breeds connection.

Learning to let go of the myth of self sufficiency, experiencing joy in the midst of hardship, finding meaning and purpose within the struggles, and knowing there’s great purpose in the simple repetitive mundane is the heart beat in my soul.

My goal with this blog is to encourage as many women as possible to live beautifully in their own unique way:

Creating BEAUTY with fashion, fitness, makeup, hair, photography and decor,
Cultivating BEAUTY in our marriages, families, friendships and neighbors.
Curating BEAUTY in the mundane, the every day, through pain/confusion, exhaustion, struggles, chaos and busyness.
and Celebrating BEAUTY in the gifts we have been given, the joy in living, the finished work of Jesus, His perfection that covers, cleanses, gives hope, purpose, and meaning…boasting in His grace, mercy, and love.

All of that to say welcome!  Pull up a chair, grab that cup of coffee (or a protein shake) and stay awhile. I hope this is a space where you can let your hair down for a moment (figuratively & literally), take a deep breath and find a friend.

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Wallace Family; Beach photos, playing in the sand