Before I ever began to consider homeschooling I found myself in conversations with other homeschool moms asking how in the world they taught the older kids with little ones running around. It baffled me. Having 5 kids within 6 years I couldn't imagine how this would be possible. "But what do they do?" I would … Continue Reading

A few months ago I tried to speak with a friend about something troubling my heart. I felt a wedge growing between us and didn’t want it to be there. Maybe it was on my end, maybe it was on hers. Maybe it was both. Finding out seemed to be the most loving thing I … Continue Reading

Kate turned 11 in June…and I never shared the photos!!! Life got busy and I never came back around to it. But better late than never I suppose…especially since this party was so girly and cute! We love to wake the kids up with breakfast in bed on their birthdays. The other kids help to … Continue Reading