As I sit down to share this post with you I feel I have to be completely upfront and honest that I’m just not a yoga girl! I love running and weight training and have never been to a full yoga class anywhere at any time in my life. BUT I also must say I … Continue Reading

What a weekend! We finally made it home! So here is the update from the whirlwind TX visit! First off, I hardly took any photos! There was so much happening I really didn’t document much of the process, it was all we could do to live it! 🙂 I’ll start at the beginning…the plane ride … Continue Reading

big big BIG CHANGES for the Wallace family! Our days are moving along FAST and our worlds have been spinning these past few weeks as we’ve begun to piece all of the details together…we have been holding this in for a few weeks, but the time has finally come to share it! What?! Not only … Continue Reading