Matt had a late meeting last night, which meant I was looking for something special to get to do with the kids. We had a late afternoon snack, packed up our bird seed and went to the lake in search of some ducks. We went to the boat dock and although it was pretty with … Continue Reading

This recipe can hardly be called a recipe. It’s THAT easy. There are only three ingredients. I am not joking when I say that I make this at least once every other week. My kids ALL love this…and there’s five of them so that’s saying a lot! Put all of the ingredients (I use turkey … Continue Reading

This recipe is PERFECT for fall and so incredibly easy. No, it’s not super healthy, but you certainly can make it “healthier” if you’d like!!! I love to put the dip in mason jars, package it up and give them to people we love.¬†Last night my boys delivered them to our neighbors! They were so … Continue Reading