This past weekend we went to a wedding. The bride we have known for years and it was such a joy to get to be a part of her special day! Matt officiated the ceremony and I was able to bring two of the kids with us. Corban and Canon had so much fun. They … Continue Reading

There’s an article being passed around lately about a mother who has decided to openly share her reasons as to why she does not save seats or buy her daughter any gifts for her ballet dance recitals. After reading the article I can completely understand (and quite honestly would agree with) some of her motives in … Continue Reading

  Today was the kid’s school jog-a-thon! They look forward to this every year! I thought I’d share some pics from the morning…mostly for the grandma’s who really get into this stuff! 🙂 This year I got the boys matching socks! The older ones who ran together and the younger ones to cheer them on! … Continue Reading