As long as there is air to breathe, there will always be conflict. Learning healthy conflict resolution skills as parents in order to teach them to our children is absolutely critical. We always tell our children that it isn’t the conflict or disagreement that will break you, it’s how we handle it that makes all the difference.

Teaching kids to resolve conflict from a Biblical perspective is important for many reasons:

1. **Advocates**: We desire to be advocates for peace, forgiveness, and love for others. By learning to resolve conflicts in a Biblical manner, children learn to humble themselves and follow the example Jesus.

2. **Building Compassion and Empathy**: We desire to encourage understanding and compassion for others. Children need to learn to consider others’ feelings and perspectives, modeling empathy and pursuing strength in their relationships.

3. **Promoting Forgiveness and Reconciliation**: One of the core pillars of our faith is forgiveness. Teaching children to resolve conflicts through a Biblical lens will emphasize the importance of forgiving others, just as we are forgiven, leading to reconciliation and healing.

4. **Developing Moral and Ethical Values**: Christian conflict resolution incorporates moral and ethical decision-making based on Biblical principles. This helps children develop a strong moral compass.

5. **Creating Peaceful Relationships**: By resolving conflicts peacefully and respectfully, children contribute to creating a more loving community that reflects the love of Christ in the family and all other relationships.

6. **Fostering Spiritual Growth**: Dealing with conflicts in a manner consistent with the Word of God can deepen a child’s faith and understanding of who God is, aiding their spiritual growth and development.

7. **Preparation for Future Challenges**: Equipping children with Christian-based conflict resolution skills prepares them for future life challenges, providing them with tools to handle disputes in a manner that aligns with their faith.

Teaching our children, while leading by example, to resolve conflicts from a Christian perspective helps us all grow into more compassionate, forgiving, and God-honoring individuals.