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Your FAMILY Portrait Style Guide

Discover the ultimate style guide designed for you to effortlessly style your family for photo shoots. This comprehensive guide features expert advice, best kept secrets, practical suggestions, and easy to follow step-by-step tips.

A Style Guide To Help You Coordinate, Plan and Enjoy family Photo Shoots.

Welcome to the world of effortless family styling! I KNOW how challenging it can be to prepare your family for a photo shoot, ensuring everyone looks coordinated (but not too matchy matchy!), camera ready and happy! That’s why I’ve created this exclusive style guide, tailored for busy moms like you. Packed with expert tips on color coordination, outfit selections, and accessory choice, it’s your secret weapon for picture perfect family attire.

From seasonal tips, location choices, styling for various age groups, and tips on how to keep everyone happy until the very end this visually inspiring guide is easy-to-use and will give you the peace of mind you need heading into your next family photoshoot.

Say goodbye to the stress of outfit planning and say hello to stunning picture perfect family photos you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life.

Are you ready for this

let me take a guess

family photoshoots stress you out…

You really do want photos of your family, but you just don’t know where to start. You feel the pressure to document these precious years, which you KNOW are flying by, but the self-doubt and insecurity has you dreading, or altogether avoiding, booking that shoot.

Even if you could nail down a date to make it actually happen the anxiety of how to dress everyone is only the beginning of the struggles…

I Get it! Planning Photo Shoots is Challenging!

Paralysis & Decision Fatigue

Choosing outfits for multiple family members – each with their own style, personality, and size – can be overwhelming. This is especially challenging when trying to coordinate colors and styles to create a cohesive look.

Lack of Fashion Knowledge

Without a keen sense of fashion or understanding of color theory, it can be difficult to know what looks good together, leading to mismatches, clashing or a lack of visual harmony. Some styles look great on camera, others definitely do not…knowing this information makes selecting outfits so much easier.

Time & Budget Constraints

Busy moms often have limited time to shop for and assemble outfits. This makes the process stressful and rushed. Balancing the desire for high-quality, attractive outfits on a budget can be challenging, especially when considering more formal clothing.

Self-Doubt & Insecurity

You feel a pressure to create picture perfect photos for sharing with family and friends, making gifts with the pictures or for use on social media, which leads to self-doubt and anxiety about styling choices or the final outcome. You don’t want to waste your time!

I’ve Been there, done that, I Can Help You move forward

I completely understand the challenges and joys of styling a family for photoshoots, as a mom of 7 myself! The task of coordinating outfits for a large family can feel like a monumental undertaking. I’ve been through the trials of mixing and matching styles for different ages and personalities, ensuring comfort while maintaining a cohesive look.

This guide is born out of the real-life lessons and successes I’ve had in dressing my big, beautiful family. I’m excited to share these insights with you, to turn what can be overwhelming into an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Wallace Family; beach pictures; Laguna, CA
Wallace Family

Here’s what You Need…

simplified Coordination

A guide to easily help you mix and match outfits to reduce the stress of decision making and ensure a cohesive look.

Efficient Planning & Shopping

Plan outfits well in advance, save time and money knowing exactly what to look for and where to shop. Gain fashion knowledge, classic styles, coordination tips, and styling advice.

A Boost Of Confidence

Alleviate doubt, boost confidence and be reminded of the most important goal to capture your family’s love and cherish what matters most. We help you focus on the joy of the moment rather than the perfection of the attire.

Let me introduce you to my

Family Portrait Style Guide

Effortless coordination for Picture Perfect Moments. Beautiful, meaningful and enjoyable family photoshoots.

What is included

Here is what you will learn

  • scheduling your session
  • planning your time
  • choosing your location

Chapter One

Setting The Stage: Scheduling, Scouting & Timing Your Perfect Photoshoot.

Dive into the crucial first steps of your family photoshoot with this chapter! Learn how to choose a location that tells your family’s story, and pick the ideal time for that beautiful natural light. This chapter is your guide to transforming a photo session from a simple appointment into an enjoyable and memory-making family experience. Mark your calendars and let’s get going!

Chapter Two

Dressing Up The Fun: Styling Your Session With Creative Flair.

Welcome to the heart of our style guide, where styling your photoshoot becomes an adventure in creativity and fun! In this chapter we are diving into the world of accessories and brainstorming ideas that will make your photo session uniquely special. We provide lists and tips on how to choose an extra touch of “sweetness,” creating a bit of whimsical to turn your photos into priceless memories.

Wallace Family; Beach photos, playing in the sand; suspenders; baseball; father and son
  • styling your session
  • creativity with accessories
  • making “sweet” memories
  • lists and inspirational ideas
  • style tips for her
  • best shops for her
  • choosing the right shoes & dress

Chapter Three

Fashionably Fabulous: Mom’s Style Master Class.

It’s time to step it up mama! Chapter 3 is your personal fashion runway, guiding you through style tips tailored just for you. We unveil the secrets to selecting the perfect dress that flatters and the art of choosing shoes that work like magic in photos. This chapter is packed with practical and fashionable advice to ensure you look and feel your absolute best, radiating confidence, love and natural beauty.

Chapter Four

Color, Charm, and Coordination: Bringing It All Together.

The “meat” of the course, where every detail comes together to create the perfect family portrait! This chapter is your guide to master the art of color coordination, select the best hair and makeup styles, and harmonize your entire family’s look. Plus we’ve got the little ones covered with strategies to prep them for the shoot, insights on men’s fashion, and help to meld all elements together into the perfect ensemble! We’ll also cover seasons, holidays and special occasions too!

  • making a statement
  • next level hair and makeup
  • choosing colors with care
  • fashion for him
  • prepping your littles
  • styling for seasons
  • christmas and holidays
Wallace Family; Laguana Beach; family fun; five kids; One Glass Slipper
  • pro tips for keeping the family happy & smiling
  • printable checklist
  • final thoughts

Chapter Five

Picture Perfect: Keeping Smiles Bright & Stress Light.

We reveal the best secrets to a joyful photo shoot experience! Here’s where you’ll find my personal collection of pro-tips and strategies to keep the joy high. Plus, as a special bonus, this chapter includes a handy printable checklist to make sure you don’t forget a single thing on your family’s big day! Get ready to capture those beautiful keepsake moments that will last a lifetime!

this is exactly what You’ve been looking for!

a few kind words…

“This guide is so perfect for moms who want to make an effort to style their families in a beautiful way! I love the tips and advice for keeping kids happy the whole time! I will use this guide for years to come!”

– Alyssa H.

builds confidence and decreases stress

“I haven’t taken family photos in years because just the thought of it stressed me out. But this guide is a game changer. It walked me through step-by-step exactly how to piece it all together. I will never wait that long again to take our next set of family photos! The grandparents are thrilled!”

– Ashley S.


“As someone who’s always struggled with styling, this guide was a lifesaver. The tips on coordinating outfits made our photo shoot look like it was straight out of a magazine! It was so easy to follow and, for the first time ever, I felt like a styling pro!”

– Emma J.

make the most of your family photoshoot

“💗💗💗 This is an invaluable resource for moms! Meg shares ALL her secrets on how to get amazing family photos. It helped me think through all the details (many I would not have thought of myself) to make the most of our family photo shoot! I wish I had this resource when my kids were younger! Very well written and organized with beautiful pics for inspiration. Thanks for putting this awesome guide together!”

– Susan T.

What You Can Expect

Stress-Free Preparation

Say goodbye to the anxiety of coordinating outfits for your family. The guide provides clear, easy to follow advice for styling each member, ensuring a harmonious look without the usual stress.

Stunning Photo Results:

With professional tips on color coordination, outfit selection, and accessorizing, your family photos will look more polished and visually appealing, capturing your family’s unique beauty in an esthetically pleasing way.

Time & Money Savings:

Armed with a focused shopping strategy and insights on where to find the best clothing options, you’ll save both time and money. No more wandering aimlessly through stores or overspending on unnecessary items.

Enjoyable Photo Shoot Experience:

With all the tips and tricks at your fingertips, the actual photo shoot day becomes a joyous and fun experience for the whole family. My guide ensures everyone is comfortable and at ease, leading to more genuine memory-making photos.

Here is the Process


Purchase The Guide

Purchase your copy of my guide. Once the transaction is complete, you’ll receive an instant download link to access the guide in a user friendly digital format.


Read & Begin Planning


Implement & Enjoy

Put your newfound knowledge into action. Shop with confidence, coordinate colors, and enjoy an organized, stress-free, fun photo shoot experience.

Family portrait Style Guide


have a photoshoot coming up?

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This is perfect for you if…

  • you feel overwhelmed by styling choices
  • You want professional looking photos
  • you’re short on time
  • You desire a stress-free photo shoot
  • You desire to ACHIEVE timeless, stylish photos of your family

Might not Be for you if…

  • you prefer personal styling services
  • you enjoy impromptu styling
  • you have a distinct personal styling method
  • You have limited interest in photography or fashion
  • you want to go another year without family photos
Meet your Coach

Welcome, I’m Meg. Creator of the Family Style Guide!

As mom to a lively bunch of seven, with a flair for fashion and an acquired knack for organization, I’ve navigated the chaos of dressing everyone from toddlers to teens for picture-perfect moments. My journey through the world of family photo shoots, from coordinating colors to balancing budgets, has led me to develop this comprehensive guide. It’s packed with practical tips, stress-reducing strategies, and fun ideas to make your family’s photo session an amazing and memorable experience. I understand the challenges of styling a big family on a busy schedule, and I’m here to share my secrets to transform your photo shoots into joy-filled, fashionable events. Join me in turning photo prep from a daunting task into an enjoyable adventure, one stylish outfit at a time!

meg marie wallace green bomber jacket w/brown lily jade bag

Your Go-to Styling resource

Filled with easy-to-implement advice, from selecting a harmonious color palette to choosing outfits that suit each family member’s unique style and personality. You’ll find tips on coordinating outfits across various age groups, suggestions for comfortable yet chic footwear, and creative ideas for accessories that add a special touch to your photos.

Beyond just clothing, my guide offers insights into planning the logistics of your photo shoot. It includes advice on selecting the best location and time of day to ensure beautiful lighting, along with strategies to keep everyone – especially the little ones – happy and cooperative. My guide also comes with a handy checklists making it easy to stay organized and ensure you haven’t missed a thing. It’s not just a styling manual; it’s a comprehensive tool to help you create lasting memories with your family, captured beautifully in every frame.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Family Photo Shoots: the benefits of This Guide

Comprehensive styling Tips

Time & Stress Reduction

Fashion Insights for All Seasons and Settings

Practical & Budget Friendly Solutions

Stunning Family Photos

Are NOT just about the photographer

How your family shows up is a HUGE part of the outcome! Consider this guide the beginning of your style journey, turning your beautiful vision into a stunning reality! Ensure your family’s photos are as unique and memorable as your own story. I’ll show you EXACTLY how!

Family Portrait Style Guide


  • Time & Stress Reduction
  • Comprehensive Styling Tips
  • Fashion Insights for All Seasons & Settings
  • Practical & Budget Friendly Solutions
  • Accessories List, Ideas, Printables & More!

Some frequently asked Questions

This guide is designed to cater to families with members of ALL ages, from infants to teenagers, offering tailored styling tips applicable to every age group. Have a huge extended family reunion photoshoot coming up? We’ve got you covered too. You’ll be able to take all that is in the guide to help everyone know how to coordinate. The days of everyone wearing one solid color are over. Learn how to coordinate without being too “match-y”.

Absolutely! This guide includes numerous budget friendly tips to keep things simple, use items you already have, and ideas for styling your family fashionably without breaking the bank. Also, this guide can be used over and over again for years to come! Purchase once and you’ll have access to all updated content in the future.

Yes! This guide is created with you and with simplicity in mind. Consider this guide a personal styling phone call with me where I give you all of my secrets, tips and the thought process behind how we style our family photos. This guide offers easy to understand advice, making it perfect for those without much fashion experience.

This guide is designed to save time. It helps you to thinking through everything in advance to eliminate stress and worry. The earlier you start planning, the more relaxed and enjoyable your preparation and session will be. Starting a few weeks in advance is ideal. However, even if your photoshoot is hours away you can grab this guide, quickly read it over, and make a few quick adjustments on your way out the door.

Still Unsure or have questions? Let’s talk about it.