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meg marie wallace

A long time dream of mine has been to create a custom store to offer products that are beautiful, intentional and practical for your everyday life.

This shop, an extension of my blog, is an opportunity for me to continue to be creative in serving you and a place for you to purchase products I hope you will love!

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marriage & motherhood

I believe marriage and motherhood are amazing gifts from God to be treasured and celebrated. I also beleive those gifts carry an incredible amount of responsibility which require a great deal of effort and intention. My hope is to encourage you to honor the Lord with what you have been given by prioritizing your spouse and your children.



life & grace

I believe all things are used to change us more and more into the image of Jesus. I often share vulnerable stories, journal entries and open letters in an effort to speak of my own weakness which then allows me to boast in His strength. My passion is helping women to chase after the "mattering things," the deeper most meaningful parts of life.



style & health

I believe women were meant to live beautifully in order to lift up the name of Jesus. Beauty is defined in many ways and part of that is the freedom to enjoy art, style, fashion etc...My hope is to encourage you to live beautifully, from the inside out and to enjoy creating all things lovely with the aim of glorifying God and serving those around you.


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my name is meg

I'm a pastor's wife and unexpected mama to seven! I have been discipling, mentoring and encouraging women alongside my husband in ministry for over 18 years.

I have been writing and blogging since 2015 with a message that all things are used to change us more and more into the image of Jesus.

My passion is helping women live beautifully right now, in the midst of the everyday for the glory of God and the good of others. I enjoy being honest about my weaknesses which allow me to boast in the strength of Jesus.

I pray that also serves as an invitation for others to be vulnerable and real as well. I believe shared vulnerability breeds connection, and connection, encouragement and encouragement, hope.

I desire when you visit is you’ll find encouragement, creativity, and joy…but most of all I hope to help you want to know Jesus more.

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