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Hi friend,

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Meg.

Wife to Matt and unexpected mama to 5.

I homeschool all of our kids, am a pastors wife, and am often being reminded that I’ve taken on more than I can handle. Most days I can be found with a messy bun wearing my favorite Target slippers and no matter how hard I try there is always at least one laundry basket full of clothes at the foot of our bed waiting to be folded.  I don’t have life all figured out and I’m perfectly okay admitting that.

Where I live I am surrounded by unapologetic, emphatic, repetitive messages claiming that satisfaction, hope and happiness can be found in things that can be purchased or earned. Our identities are rooted in our perceived perfection, zip code, how much money we make, what we look like, who we know, what we’ve accomplished and what kind of car we drive.

But those messages are not true.

I want to be a voice, wherever I am planted, that cuts through the noise and offers grace…the one thing by its very definition can never be earned and yet has already been purchased…by God, for us.

I stay up late most nights when the house is finally dark and quiet…to write. I write, and keep writing, because words matter. Somehow writing brings my heart back to a place of truth…a place of rest.
Words without living by them would be meaningless, nothing more than an obnoxious noise.

Writing convicts me.

Writing keeps me focused.

Writing has become food for my soul.

And my hope is that this space might play a part in helping feed your soul as well.

This small corner of the internet is a creative outlet for me–an ongoing storybook of our lives and things I love to write about. Sometimes it’s motherhood, marriage, birthday partiesfriendships, forgivenesshow I love my oilscommunication, getting kids to obey, potty training in one dayDIY projects, celebrating the little thingsclothes I love, hair styles I adore, photographyyummy things to eat, tips on living healthy, a fun family outing or a holiday celebration.

But it’s also my little space to share about things much richer and more meaningful: true peace, real beauty, joy and the grace of God. I write about Jesus and the hope that is only found in Him because there is no hope apart from Him. I let the vulnerable parts of my life come through too; parts of my journal, stories of my struggles, failures, shortcomings, and weaknesses…the parts that are so tempting to want to hide.

Why do I share those things might you ask?

Because honesty about my weakness lends itself to boast in His strength.

It’s an invitation for you to join me too as vulnerability breeds connection, and connection, encouragement and encouragement, hope. 

This space is my simple expression of living, what I now call, Designedly Beautiful: living with intention and purpose to share grace and hope with those around us, for our joy and His glory.

And my aim is to encourage and spur you on to live “Designedly Beautiful” in your own unique way as well.

deliberately in order to produce a specific effect

Living life designedly is to live purposely beautiful, joy-filled

lives, loving others and glorifying God.

• • •

Create BEAUTY:
fashion, fitness, style, makeup, hair, photography and decor.

Cultivate BEAUTY:
in our marriages, families, friendships and neighbors wherever God has placed us.

Curate (select, organize, and look after) BEAUTY:
intentionally slowing down, pursuing simple, finding purpose in the mundane,
meaning in the every day, joy in the midst of pain/confusion, exhaustion, struggles, chaos and busyness.

Celebrate BEAUTY:
in being continually thankful, in loving others, in the finished work of Jesus
–His perfection that covers, cleanses, gives hope, purpose, and meaning…boasting in God’s grace, mercy, and love.

• • •

So if this somehow resonates with you then I humbly say welcome!  Pull up a chair, grab that cup of coffee (or a protein shake) and stay awhile! I hope this is a space where you can let your hair down for a moment (figuratively & literally), take a deep breath and find a friend.

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