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The Mattering Things Planner

In this fast paced world we live in, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of what truly matters. The “Mattering Things” Planner is designed to bring focus, intentionality, balance and purpose back to your life by helping you prioritize the essentials.


Making much of the Mattering Things Begins HERE


Making Plans:

Whether your plans are personal, business, wellness focused, or straight up magical, here’s where you put the pieces of the plan together – all in one spot! 


From brainstorming through your own ideas to see what sparks inspiration to creating your action plan to get there, from mapping out a year of action & an intentional daily gratitude practice — this is how many of my ideas went from plan to reality.

Hopes & Dreams:

Don’t let your dreams stay in your head…get them out and make them a reality.

Talk about the results

Improved work-life balance

Using the Mattering Things Planner helps individuals prioritize and allocate time effectively across different areas of life, ensuring a healthier balance between responsibilities and personal needs. This can lead to reduced stress, better mental health, and increased overall satisfaction with life’s daily rhythms.

enhanced Relationship Quality

By scheduling regular quality time and setting specific goals for relationships, you can significantly improve the quality of interactions and connections with those you love most. This intentionality helps in nurturing deeper bonds, understanding and support systems.

Increased Productivity & Mental clarity

The planner’s structured approach is to help aid in long term and short term goals allowing you to stay focused and motivated on what matters most. This will lead to less overwhelm, greater peace and inner calm as your productivity is laser focused on your biggest priorities.

Increased Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

Regular reflection and planning within the planner encourages you to become more aware and intentional in your actions and decisions. Sometimes the best yes begins with a no to something else. The ongoing process of evaluating what is essential helps you align your daily habits and actions with your core values and life aspirations.

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What’s Inside:

Brainstorming & Planning Worksheets

Monthly Planning Goals

A Yearly Customizable Calendaring System

Daily & Weekly Gratitude Practice

Plus so much more…

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