You may remember a few weeks ago Matt and I got to take a trip up the coast, just the two of us. We love to plan out time together without the kids, especially when there is a busier season we are about to head into…and I’m so glad we planned that time just before … Continue Reading

This entire past month life has been more than a bit crazy. We’ve had two recent trips to the ER for two different kids for two completely unrelated issues. If you follow along on my Facebook you’ve likely seen the photos and updates of the kids throughout this past month. Corban broke out with a … Continue Reading

It’s December! The pace has picked up, the to-do lists have multiplied, travel plans are set, family members are sick, the preparations are underway, the stores are filled, the parking lots are packed…and the days are flying by. We are surrounded by people, inundated with errands, and our days are jam packed with places to … Continue Reading