My recent post about hardness of heart in marriage and the difficult work of marriage has raised a lot of questions on the issue of forgiveness. What exactly is forgiveness? I spent a number of years defining “forgiveness” incorrectly, and it had some fierce ramifications on relationships in my life. I once thought forgiveness was: … Continue Reading

I’ve never been good at gardening. Taking care of plants does not come naturally to me. What I really want is someone who understands the love language of nature to teach me what to do to keep my plants and flowers not just alive, but flourishing. It is easy to think that motherhood is like … Continue Reading

Last night, just after folding the last few loads of laundry and putting the last kiddo to bed, I set my phone down to plug it in and noticed I had received an email. My blog alerts me each time I receive a comment and, although it was late at night and I shouldn’t have … Continue Reading