Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! We could not possibly be more excited to announce the news that our little one is a baby girl!!!!! We’ve been waiting for a few weeks now to open the card from the ultrasound tech, who said he was 95% sure at the … Continue Reading

We have waited as long as we possibly can to announce this exciting news…but the time has come and we could not be more thrilled! WE ARE PREGNANT WITH BABY #6!!!!!! For those of you who listened to my talk in AZ  then you knew this announcement was coming! (I let the big secret out … Continue Reading

This is the week I would normally be posting some cute gift idea for you moms to make for your kids to spoil them rotten for V-day, but seeing as I haven’t even thought about getting around to that yet (and so the list begins for my mom fails)…I decided to share with you some fun … Continue Reading