I have been getting so many questions about the products we are using for our sweet baby girl and I can’t wait to share! I have put together a list of my favorite items and hope you like them too.  Here’s my favorite must have’s list!


LilyJade Madeline Pink/Gold Diaper Bag

I absolutely love this brand of diaper bag! The inside has so many pockets and can pull out so that you can use it as a purse later. My favorite thing is that it looks like a bag I’d carry even if it wasn’t filled with baby products.favorite baby products | best baby products | baby girl products | meg marie wallace

Maxi Cosi Car Seat and Stroller Combo

I loved this set because it looks sleek and I really love the bassinet feature where you can lay the baby flat instead of having to use the carseat every time.

Dr. Browns Baby Bottles-Pink

I love these because they cut down on burps and spit up. I also love the size, how small they are, and that they’re pink 🙂

Changing Pad and Scale

I actually haven’t gotten this but WISH I would have. Our little girl was super small when she was born and to have the ability to weigh her before and after feedings is something I wish I would have had in these early weeks.

Fancy Lady Doll

Just because I love it and think it’s adorable!

Gathre Playmat

I love this mat! And when she is bigger and I want her to play on a clean space this is exactly what I’ll use.

Geese in Flight Baby Mobile

I absolutely love this mobile. It was on my registry and I didn’t end up getting it, but I plan to order this soon to put above her crib. I love the crochet geese and the colors will match her room perfectly.

Blooming Bath Lotus

I used to have a different baby bath with my other kids, but I LOVE this one. It sits right in my sink and I can stand when I bathe her instead of having to kneel on the floor in the bathroom. When she gets bigger I’ll get this one again, but for now when she’s tiny I love this flower bath.

Beaded Pacifier Clip

I think this clip is so adorable! I only give her a Paci just before she goes to sleep and then she spits it out, so I only use it when we go out and about, but I love to clip it on the side of my Solly wrap when I carry her!

Rocking Chair

We have this in our living room so that I can rock and feed the baby where everyone else is. I also have another rocker in my bedroom when I feed her at night. But I love that this one looks like a normal sitting chair instead of something that would only be seen in a nursery.

Crocheted Crib Skirt

I have been LOVING everything crocheted lately! And when I saw this crib skirt I knew I wanted it! It’s so pretty and the texture is perfect.

Rivulets Toddler Quilt

This quilt is absolutely beautiful. It has texture and is still so soft. I have it in pink too. It’s perfect to cuddle her in but also for a back drop for some cute pics as well!


I actually have an antique bassinet that was given to me by Matt’s family. So many generations have used it and each of my kids have as well. But this one is the closest to what mine looks like.

Doc A Tot

I absolutely love this! She sleeps in this every single night. In fact it fits perfectly inside my bassinet so I use it in there. And then during the day I can bring it into the living room and have her right by me on the couch.


I have these right now and she loves them.

Natural paci’s

I also have these and she’ll use them when she is just a little bit bigger. I especially love the neutral color.

favorite baby products | best baby products | baby girl products | meg marie wallace

Charlie Crane Baby Rocker

I adore this rocker. I didn’t end up getting it because we couldn’t spend the money on it, but I am still adding it in my favorites list because I would have wanted it had it not been so pricey! 🙂

Brestfriend Nursing Pillow

I love this so much more than the Boppy. I do have both, and use both, but the Brestfriend pillow is soooo helpful for those early newborn nursing days when the latch has to be perfect. Positioning her on this had been a game changer for me/us.

Baby Nail File

This is the first time I have had this and I LOVE it!!! It’s so so so much easier to trim her tiny fingernails and not have to worry about accidentally hurting her. Highly recommend it. And it’s something I can use on me and Kate as well! Win for everyone!

Solly Baby Wrap

I have two of these and LOVE them! I love wearing my baby on me whenever we go places.

Plum and Sparrow Moses Basket

I also had this on my registry and didn’t end up getting it. These are amazing though and your Doc a Tot will fit inside it for comfort. They get new stock in on Fridays and sell out super fast, so if you want one I highly suggest setting an alarm for when the new stock launches so you can get one!

Spectra Breast Pump

I know the rave right now is the new Willow Pump, but I had a lactation consultant tell me recently that it’s not got the best suction, which means it won’t draw the milk very well.  She recommended this one instead because of the pulsing feature and the strength of suction. And I had been using it around the clock when I couldn’t nurse. Nursing ended up not working out for me and I decided to stop, but this pump was a life saver before I actually made that decision. It’s so quiet I even used it in the same room when Matt and Cosette were sleeping. Would highly recommend.

Lace Bonnets | Crochet Bonnet | Peach Lace Bonnet |Pom Bonnets

Baby bonnets for little girls is my absolute obsession right now! I’m going to tag a few more so that you can have more options, but I literally have about a dozen of these right now. Love them all!favorite baby products | best baby products | baby girl products | meg marie wallace

Baby Girl Clothes

I’m just going to go ahead and link this entire website because I just adore everything on the site! I have no affiliation with this company but I absolutely love all of these baby girl clothes!

Bibs & Bows

I adore this company and I know the owner, so yes I may be a little biased. 😉 She gave me a few items for my baby shower and I adore them!

More of my favorite bows

You may have seen Cosette wearing these bows in my Instagram pics and I love them! They also are made by a friend of mine, so yes, I love them even more, but the bows themselves are beautifulfavorite baby products | best baby products | baby girl products | meg marie wallace

Organic Wash Cloths

These are really soft and I love that they are organic.

High Chair

We haven’t ordered this yet because she doesn’t need it yet, but I do like this one a lot and will probably order this brand when it’s time.

Baby Massage Oil | Baby Wash | Lotion | Calming Scent 

I cannot even tell you how much I adore these products. I use the lavender scented baby wash during baths and after she’s all clean I turn down the lights, wrap her in a warm blanket with only a diaper on and massage the oil on her legs and arms. She just gets SO calm and relaxed and lets out these little sighing noises…it’s the most precious thing ever. I use the calming scent in a diffuser in her nursery when she naps and in our room when we sleep at night with her in the bassinet by me. They’re my fav products and if you’re interested in getting them wholesale let me know. I don’t do much by way of selling them, but I do love the rewards program since I love oils so much.


**Check out my SHOP page to see pictures of all of these products!



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P.S. I still am on the hunt for a really good baby monitor. Something that I can use in the house but also like a baby cam too when I am away from home too. Would love your thoughts in the comments below if you have something you recommend.

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